Happily on the Periphery

It’s not about me.

That’s kind of the biggest lesson in anyone’s life, right? There’s such a monumental shift when that happens. You’re going along believing everyone was created in this world to cater to you, but then in one swift kick to the head, you suddenly realize you’ve lived in delusion for the last 18 or so years (it happens earlier for some, and unfortunately later for others). Nevertheless, we all come to a painful realization that Copernicus was right – the universe doesn’t revolve around us.

I think I’m coming to that point in my Christian life. I was reborn in 2001, so that makes me about 8 years old. And it’s now, that I’m realizing that this life isn’t really about me. God didn’t create paradise, watch man screw it up, make a covenant with Abraham, deliver whiney Israel from Egypt’s oppressive rule, and raise up one king after the other, all for me. And however much this might rock your world (because it did mine), Jesus wasn’t sent for me, either. Now, let me qualify all this by saying that God loves me very personally and intimately, but suffice it for me to say that I’m not gonna make or break God’s redemptive plan for all of creation. Ultimately, His plan continues on with or without me.

This sort of goes against every Christian song out there. It contradicts all those shiny-faced TV preachers and air-brushed book cover authors. Because, their message is, “It’s all about you!” This whole life is about how much God loves you and has a plan for you (I love Jeremiah and I don’t think he’d appreciate us misquoting his verse like that). No! It’s not about us.

From beginning to end, God’s story is about Him! He is the Author and Perfecter of our Faith. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the Ancient of all the days. He is the One who was, and is, and is to come. He is King of all Kings. He is the way. He is the Truth. And yes, He is the Life. This whole mess of my life is all about Him.

So what does that mean, really? Well, it just means that we ought to be happy we’re even included in this gigantic mega-story of God. We’re the pawns that get to play alongside the King. He calls us, gives us new life, and commissions us to go and proclaim this grand narrative of God, in word and in deed. So practically, we live our lives as if God is the center and we’re on the periphery. Happily on the periphery.


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