It’s Only the Beginning

Don’t you get the sense that things just aren’t the way they’re supposed to be? I mean, the whole world’s economy is tanking. Thousands of people are dying everyday from ridonculous catastrophes and some very unfortunate circumstances. People of the same blood and heritage can’t seem to get along and fight over land. There are daily attacks on someone’s character simply for their position on this imaginary line we label with “left” or “right”. Polar bears & whales are more cared for than babies. The most respectable people in our culture all seem to be jacked up once the cameras are turned off and the lights go out. It all just doesn’t seem right. Something seems askew.

But the more and more I read the book of Genesis, I realize all this shouldn’t surprise me. The fall has immense and ever increasing effects that extend far beyond that garden. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at Old Testament history to see that it didn’t take long for sin to settle in.

But from the beginning there’s a sign of hope. It’s not just a glimmer, it’s a glaring light. God isn’t one to give up. He doesn’t make a mistake. Instead, He takes the mess we’ve made and has decisively declared a solution. The first beginning, or Genesis, was ruined by sin. But there’s going to be a new beginning, a new Genesis.

Genesis 3:15, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and  her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”

From the beginning, there’s this glaring light of the Gospel. There will be a person coming that will crush the head of the serpent, alluding to a victory over sin. And since there are plenty more allusions to this person’s identity throughout the Old Testament, it’s not just a guess that his name is Jesus.

So, though the world may look bleak out there in these dark times, I’m all the more encouraged that this is just the beginning of that new beginning. Jesus came and crushed the head of the serpent inaugurating that new creation, the new Genesis. We’re living in that new creation reality, however difficult it may be to see it. Let’s keep our heads up folks, ’cause we don’t want to miss God’s beginning work of His new creation.


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