The Problem With Truth

The problem with truth is that most people don’t like it. In fact, they don’t like it so much that they’d rather make up their own truth.

In fact, in a book I’m reading for one of my classes I read a quote that shocked me. Charles Kraft writes, “I have contended that words do not contain their meanings but are assigned meanings by those who interpret them” (Communication Theory for Christian Witness, p. 99-100). So does that mean that I can understand the words in his book to mean whatever I want. That nothing he’s said is of any objective value, because if I say it’s meaningless, it becomes so? Are all the words of his book then for nothing? Are we to read his book then? Why did he write it? Do you see the black hole that we fall into when we do away with the objectivity of truth?

Truth is real, not what I make it out to be.


2 Comments on “The Problem With Truth”

  1. geoffng says:

    It’d be interesting to hear how he would respond to your question. Maybe he makes a distinction between thought/idea and words?

    • Dan Ko says:

      yea… i’m guessing he wouldn’t have gone as far as to say what i accused him of saying, but he sure opened the door for it.

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