Do Something

I’ll be honest, I’m the most guilty party of this, but I’m recovering…

In fear of discounting the Grace of God, the conservative evangelical church often dismisses good works as anti-Christian, as something left for our catholic or liberal brothers and sisters to do.

Early on in my faith, I was just elated that God would love me so much that I couldn’t help, but to respond in worship. I would read my Bible, pray, serve others, & do as much as I could, because I was just utterly thankful for the Grace of God in my life. Somewhere down the road, I began to understand more of the intricacies of the faith and study more of the Bible. As my head started to grow, my hands seemed to have limped. I began to think that I couldn’t possibly earn the Grace of God, so therefore I need not to do anything for fear of discounting it. What resulted was a life that was completely devoid of any “doing”. I did absolutely nothing, in hopes that I might lift up the Grace of God. But in so doing, I’ve come to realize, I have ironically discounted God’s Grace in my life. For grace leads to good works. Works are a sign of faith, and not a credit in order to buy faith. They point to the very real and powerful work of transformation that is occurring in the invisible places of my soul. I had the arrows all jumbled for a long time. In pursuit of delight, I forgot about my duty… I was created to display the works of God in me, not just keep it hidden under a jar.

Lord, help me be a light.

2 Comments on “Do Something”

  1. Matt says:

    Good stuff man. I think we’re at similar places.

  2. jkuo says:

    Preach it!
    It don’t matter where we start, we just gotta start!

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