Twitter: The World’s Stage

Can Twitter become a tool for global conversation or is it just a sounding board for one’s own thoughts?

I think it has the potential for the former, but is realistically the latter.

I recently de-followed John Mayer. I love the guy’s music, but the dude just tweets ridiculousness and does it often. His Friday night shenanigans are of no interest to me. Now that’s a trite example, but in the same manner, do we not dwindle down our lists of people we follow by how much their message fits into our narrow perspectives? Do we not follow people just because they say what we want to hear (i.e. celebrity gossip)? Or ought we to use this sort of medium to increase our awareness of the global voice? voices outside our own kingdoms.

I’m not too sure I do a good job of this, but beginning to think this is a perfect tool to hear & maintain a global conversation. Maybe it’s not, but how can we redeem this medium of technology?


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