Dusting off a blog. Taking a minute to remember your login. Reacquainting yourself with the keyboard. Sitting for hours looking at a blinking line, begging you to type, but your fingers not feeling the inspiration. Your mind commanding you to just start writing, but you not willing to show your inane thoughts to the public. Don’t want to show how naked you really are. Wanting to be coherent, insightful, brilliant, and inspiring all at the same time. Realizing it’s not that easy.


Once again, I’m feeling the bookmark on my browser named “Surpassing Worth” calling to me. I hear its whimper from long neglect. Like my visits to Lids or The Finish Line, I’m always browsing, but I never take the bait to buy. Sure, I have moments, nearly every other day when I think, “Hey, that’d be a killer blog entry”  or “Oh! I need to write that down.” But what comes of it? Absolutely nothing.


You know what else is typical? A blogger stunned at how long it’s been since their last post, vowing to change their ways and blog more often. You know what that means, right? It means they’ve been inspired by someone that actually does what they say they’re going to do: write. You know what else that means, right? It means it’s only a matter of time that this blogger will lose steam and come back in a year to think to themselves, “Wow, has it really been that long?!”


I’m not making any promises, but I think I need to write more. It’s an expression of my soul that I have long missed. Less for you, really more for me.



Why Blog?

Blog posts have been slacking as of late. I apologize mostly to myself, because that means I haven’t been able to process what I’ve been thinking as well as I should be.

Writing is a process of learning for me. The more I write out my thoughts, the more they become concrete or discarded, depending on how fruitful that thought actually is. So as is stated in my “Bio” section, this is my yellow legal pad of ideas that get scratched in just so I can make a mental note. It’s a means for preaching to myself, as spiritual mentors have often told me to do. But more than just being for myself, this blog is a means for me to encourage whoever may come across this sliver of the other reality we call the internet. Reading is a means of learning for others. This is in no way to say I have anything really to offer in the way of knowledge, but in the same way I find value in other people’s thoughts on things concerning faith, life, and nonsense, I would safely assume the sentiment is reciprocated.

But all this again to get to the heart of blogging. I preach not a gospel of Dan Ko, but the good news of Jesus Christ. No, I won’t always have 40 page devotional material on my exegesis of Romans, because in all honesty, no one wants to read that! (in fairness, maybe I’ll have a 1 page devotional here and there) But yes, I will continue to post, as my tag line reads, stories of salvation. Stories born out of the salvation that Christ is working out in me. And I hope to write them in an effort to be an encouragement to anyone who may stumble upon these pages…

John Piper articulates these 3 questions to focus the pastor who wishes to blog:

1. What are your motives before the Lord? Get on your knees – Fear God, not man.

2. Is this the most effective way? Use your time wisely – Spend hours thinking about your next blog post vs. Spend hours with a brother or sister in need of a listening ear.

3. Who’s the audience and why them? Refocus – Please God, not man.

Why Pastors Should Blog

Another great article I’d commend to you… even if you’re not a pastor.

I wrote about this topic earlier, but it’s so true, what a great way to expand our ministry from only behind the pulpit.

Abraham Piper (Dr. John Piper’s son) writes,

For most of you, anything you post online will only be a small piece in the grand scheme of your pastoral leadership. But if you can maintain a blog that is both compelling and personal, it can be an important small piece.

It will give you access to your people’s minds and hearts in a unique way by giving them a chance to know you as a well-rounded person. You will no longer be only a preacher and a teacher, but also a guy who had a hard time putting together a swing-set for his kids last weekend. People will open up for you as you open up like this for them. Letting people catch an honest glimpse of your life will add authenticity to your teaching and depth to your ministry.

Friends, Journals, & Brownie a la mode

Spiritual Journaling

Spiritual Journaling by Richard Peace

Spiritual JournalingA class assignment for Hoj & I allowed us to form a small group and go through a book together on journaling. Basically, it turned into an excuse to get some friends together, snack on junk food, and share more in depth about how God has been and is working in our lives. I believe what began as a class assignment was an altogether enriching experience for all of us, wherein we realized the redemptive power of journaling.

At least for me, that’s where the rejuvenation and inspiration to continue blogging came from. It was not only a great way for me to flush out thoughts that I normally just let linger in my head for a couple hours, but I also thought it was a great means to use the medium of blogging to minister to people (yea, sometimes the content’s not the most “blessing”, but I hope at least it’s informative or entertaining).

Spiritual Journaling

When I think about how Paul was the principal contributer to the proliferation of Christianity worldwide during the first century, I realize that the means of the gospel spreading was pretty innovative for his time. Since he couldn’t possibly visit every city and every house church, he took advantage of the technology that was available to him, namely letters (doesn’t seem like a crazy innovation, but I’m sure in his time it was the cutting-edge. It beats having to carve everything into stone and lugging that around). Paul was a man that used technological advances to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. He was interested in whatever could get the message out there as fast as possible and to as many people as possible. He was a man on a mission.

So I, too, attempt to take a page out of Paul’s play book. May the truth of God reach all people for His glory and our joy.