More Joy

“You have put more joy in my heart

than they have when their grain and wine abound.”

Psalm 4:7

How true. Joy that this world may never know. But incredible how my heart longs for their grain and wine.

Your joy is joy.


God is Love

I’m serious when I say this, but I really think these two messages changed the course of my life…

Jesus Christ & the Rescue of Joy (Part 1) – Why God is not a megalomaniac

Jesus Christ & the Rescue of Joy (Part 2) – Why pursuing God as our ultimate joy is not selfish

John Piper came to Park Street Church in Boston on April 19th, 2009 and I walked out with a whole new paradigm on life.

My Conviction in a Nutshell

Preposition #1: God is the ultimate good or else He would not be God. Then our joy is most complete in Him, because He is the ultimate good.

Preposition #2: Love is only true when you are looking out for the best interests of the other person. Therefore, for God to glorify and magnify Himself, it is not megalomania, because He’s simply loving us in working all things for His glory.

Conclusion: For God to reveal more of Himself to us and point our joys in His direction, is the ULTIMATE expression of love. And when we pursue God in this way, there is no greater calling and act of service then to allow for others to see the glories of God.

Joy is a Way of Life

I heard an interesting phrase the other day. I believe it was from Ravi Zacharrias. He said,

“Joy is a way of life. It’s a disposition one takes, not just a momentary feeling.”

That statement is profound in so many ways. For one thing, it’s in contrast to everything this world teaches us about happiness and joy. They say it’s just around the corner and you can get it if you just work hard enough, pay enough, or know enough people. In our culture, joy is something you obtain and it’s a moment that you live in. People seek joy in so many things, but what they’re ultimately seeking is a momentary joy. A joy that only lasts as long as you can remember it or keep it up. They seek joy in that afternoon meeting with their best friend over a cup of coffee. They seek joy on a Friday night date with the girl they’ve been getting to know at the office. Or they even seek joy in a Hollywood blockbuster. But sooner or later, that joy fleets away and you find yourself back on the road to finding joy again. That’s where I think we got it all wrong.

We’re seeking the moment of joy, instead of the life of joy. A joy-filled life realizes that it’s not about how much we can do, how much we can amass, or even how much we can consume to feel that moment of elation. Rather a joy-filled life seeks to be in a disposition of joy. And that joy is found solely in the person of Jesus Christ, who suffered the pains, so we could take delight in the joys. If we’re looking for a joy-filled life, we need Jesus. If we’re looking for moments of joy, you’re on your own.